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Welcome Newsletter

Dear Christian Leaders,
Welcome to CAMERA’s Christian Leadership Network, an outreach of CAMERA’s Partnership of Christians and Jews!
You are receiving this email because you have either met with one or both of us, you have attended one of our conferences or events, or we know you as a friend and ally in the fight for Christian support of Israel.
This is the first email in what will be a regular series of emails that will be sent for the purposes of:


  • Informing you about current events in relation to Israel

  • Equipping you as Christian leaders with necessary information that will enable you to counter efforts to demonize and delegitimize the Jewish State

  • Arming you with material that will help you protect those in your circle of influence from the veritable storm of anti-Israel propaganda, which inevitably turns adherents of that propaganda into anti-Semites as well.

You don’t need to be told that we are living in perilous times. Jews and Christians around the globe are under attack simply because of their identity as Jews and Christians.
Recently, close to home, we have been horrified by the murder of eleven Jews, shot to death while worshipping in their synagogue in Pittsburgh in late October, 2018. Six months later, a woman was shot to death in her synagogue in Poway, California, and a few days after that, an elderly Jewish woman was nearly stabbed to death by an assailant in Malmo, Sweden. These are just a few examples of anti-Semitic attacks that are increasing at an alarming rate, both here and around the world.
In the world of academia, professors and student activists portray the Jewish state as a singularly evil country in the Middle East, while ignoring mass-killings by the Assad regime in Syria and the murder of thousands of Christians by Boko Haram in Nigeria. As a result of increased anti-Israel activity on campuses, hostility toward Jews on campuses is skyrocketing and Jewish students are regularly threatened and harassed.
Newly elected members of the U.S. House of Representatives speak with open contempt for Jews and their homeland even as Hamas fires thousands of rockets at civilians in Israel.
One new Congresswoman even attempts to rewrite history with the outrageous claim that her ancestors actually welcomed Jews to “Palestine,” when in fact it is a well-documented fact that Arabs under the leadership of the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, collaborated with Hitler in plans to annihilate the Jews.

And commentators on YouTube pollute the minds of their followers with anti-Semitic arguments lifted nearly word-for-word from tracts written by anti-Semites in Europe before the Holocaust.
Even as all of this unfolds, anti-Semites tell us it’s not Jews they hate, but “Zionists.”

But, we have eyes to see and ears to hear and we know better.
These are the signs of the times and they are not good. In such a time as this, Christians are called to lead! We are called to step into the public square and speak with a clear and simple message: “Stop. No more of this!” We are called to support the words, “Never Again,” with action! We must say to the Jewish people, “You are not alone,” and back up those words by taking a stand against anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism wherever and whenever they appear.
In the weeks and months ahead, this newsletter will provide the information necessary to inform, equip and arm everyone in your circle of influence as we work together to counter hatred fomented against the Jewish homeland and the Jewish people.
Stay tuned for informative articles, resources and news about upcoming events designed to encourage and strengthen Christian support for Israel. And please feel free to forward this email to others.
For the sake of Israel,
Tricia Miller and Dexter Van Zile
CAMERA’s Christian Leadership Network
CAMERA’s Partnership of Christians and Jews

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