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CAMERA’S Partnership of Christians & Jews is a powerful response to the intensifying effort to delegitimize Israel in Evangelical churches throughout North America and Europe. As these political efforts increase, the Partnership provides activists educational resources to:

Build an effective, pro-Israel group in your community

Speak for Israel in the media

Benefit from close collaboration with CAMERA scholars

Network with an international community of like-minded Christians and Jews

Join our 17,000-strong Letter Writing Team

As the violent persecution of Christians in the Middle East continues at the hands of extremist Islamist groups, CAMERA'S Partnership works to bring an end to the media's shameful silence and tells the story of Christians in Iraq, Syria and Egypt.


The Partnership helps activists effectively counter anti-Israel campaigns and advocate for suffering Christians by  providing educational resources through speakers, conferences, articles, books, and the expertise of CAMERA’s trained professional staff.

CAMERA'S Christian researchers are driven by the belief that facts matter. Our scholars take a stance and don't back down, daring to speak and stand up for Jews and Christians, even when it would be easier to keep quiet.

Let us help you:

Combat anti-Zionism in the Church

Tell the truth about Israel

Oppose anti-Semitism

Advocate for persecuted Christians

Promote the important partnership between Evangelical Christians and Jews

The political campaign to delegitimize Israel is aided by a fallacious Palestinian Christian narrative that identifies Jesus as a Palestinian rather than a Jew. A Palestinian Jesus deconstructs the foundations of Christian faith, and is as dangerous for Jews as the Aryan Jesus of the early twentieth century.

Tricia Miller, Ph. D.

Just as Jews were ethnically
cleansed from Arab lands, so
Christians today are being
erased from the Middle East.

Dexter Van Zile