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What to Do When Anti-Israel Activists Target Your Church


Document what’s being said. Raise concerns with your clergy. Speak with your fellow congregants.

Follow these steps:


1. Pay attention to what your local and national leaders say about Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict from the pulpit, in print and on the internet.

  • Listen to what is said from the pulpit about the Jewish state and Jews as a people.

  • Look at resolutions about Israel passed by regional and national gatherings in which your church may participate.

  • Ask what is being taught about Israel in Sunday school classes and Vacation Bible School.

  • Obtain copies of printed and web materials that document what your church leaders say about Israel and the Palestinians.

  • Find out what “peacemaking” organizations your church supports. Where does the money go, why and to what effect?


2. Document the sources of the propaganda.

  • Find out who influences any statements issued about the conflict. For example, are there Palestinian Christians, ideological “peacemakers” and outside activists involved?

  • Attend any regional and national meetings your church participates in and listen to what is said about the conflict by church leaders and outside activists. Obtain copies of materials distributed by church leaders and activist groups. Trawl the exhibition hall!

  • If possible and allowed, tape record what is said in relevant presentations.

  • Find out if your church leaders affiliate with anti-Israel organizations such as the Telos Group, Sabeel, the World Council of Churches, or the National Council of Churches.


3. Assess materials for accuracy and anti-Israel bias.

  • Are there factual errors in statements and materials issued by church leaders and the activists who influence them?

  • Do your leaders and church activists offer an unbalanced view of the conflict? Do activists and leaders ignore antisemitic incitement? Do they ignore violence against Christians? Do they falsely portray Israel as enemies of Christians?

  • Is crucial information missing such as historical events, facts and context?

  • Are opinions and unsubstantiated statements treated as facts?


4. Communicate with church leaders at all levels.

  • Gather facts about what is said and distributed by your church leaders.

  • Gather allies and educate them about misinformation broadcast by your church.

  • Approach your local pastors and church leaders courteously. They may respond defensively when confronted with critical scrutiny.

  • Ask for a chance to respond to the propaganda and for church leaders to refrain from promoting misinformation in the future.


5. Educate your church about the realities of the Arab-Israeli conflict and life in the Middle East.

  • Consider hosting a CAMERA conference or speaker so that your community can be informed and equipped.

  • Promote awareness about the status of Christians in Israel and the rest of the Middle East. Become knowledgeable about the lack of religious freedom in the region.

  • When Christians in the Middle East are attacked, encourage prayer for their safety and welfare.

  • Promote awareness about the status of women in the region.


6. Tell the story you want told.

  • Write and distribute material that highlights the obstacles to peace in the Middle East, such as ongoing terrorism, antisemitism, and Arab incitement to violence.

  • Publicize your efforts to the larger community with letters to the editor.

  • If your church participates in regional or national meetings, sponsor resolutions that highlight the root causes of the Arab-Israeli conflict that anti-Zionists do not talk about, such as incitement to violence against Jews, antisemitism, and the persecution of Christians and lack of religious freedom in Arab and Muslim countries.

  • Distribute factual pamphlets at regional and national assemblies of your church.

7. Send us Feedback about what is happening in your local church so that we can help.

CAMERA'S Christian analysts have extensive experience in monitoring what is happening in the Christian world in relation to Jews and the Jewish State and in responding to error and bias against Israel. We can help inform and equip your church with the facts about Israel.

8. Invite a CAMERA speaker to your church or community.

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