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Fighting Antisemitism - A Jewish and Christian Cause

Dear Leaders and Friends,

The fight against the current astronomical rise in antisemitism - a direct result of Hamas' October 7th attack on Israel - is a Jewish and Christian cause. It is a battle we must fight together as this ancient evil manifests worldwide in ways, and to a degree, not seen since the Holocaust. Indeed, "Never Again is Now!"

We have just passed the end of the first month of war between Hamas and Israel. On Monday, Jews (and some Christians) around the world marked the end of the traditional thirty days of mourning. On Tuesday, Israel observed a national day of mourning in remembrance of the 1,400 people murdered by terrorists on October 7th and to advocate for the more than 240 hostages (including at least 30 children) still held in Gaza. The observance included a minute of silence, the lowering of flags and the singing of HaTikvah, Israel's national anthem.

The war Israel now fights in Gaza is a war Hamas initiated when as many as 3,000 terrorists and Gazan civilians invaded the Jewish State. Unbelievably, it was actually civilians from Gaza who perpetrated much of the terror, torture, rape, murder, and kidnapping of as many men, women and children as possible.

Israel did not start this war, but it is a war Israel MUST FIGHT and WIN in order to 1) destroy Hamas' ability to be able to carry out attacks on Israeli citizens ever again and 2) rescue as many hostages as possible. 

In the first few days after October 7th, as the extent of the atrocities committed by terrorists and Gazan civilians became known, international sympathy and expressions of support for Israel poured forth. It seemed that maybe at last, the world would understand the existential danger present on Israel's borders. Unfortunately, however, the global outpouring of support for the Jewish State started to diminish as soon as Israel began to take necessary actions to protect its people.

In parallel with the waning of support, antisemitism has surged worldwide. As soon as Israel began to make targeted strikes against rocket-launching sites in Gaza, antisemitic acts increased exponentially in Great Britain, France, Germany, Australia, and the US. Now that Israel has gone into Gaza to more effectively destroy terrorist infrastructure and rescue hostages, world opinion has turned against the Jewish State and antisemitic incidents have increased even more.

Recent incidents include calls to “gas the Jews,” the vandalization and removal of posters showing Israelis held hostage in Gaza, and the painting of stars of David on Jewish homes. Jewish students on college campuses have been harassed and assaulted, and the streets of major cities have been filled with tens of thousands of people demonstrating in support of Hamas - the terrorist organization that committed unspeakable atrocities against civilian men, women and children. Just this past weekend, thousands of demonstrators attempted to get past the fence protecting the grounds of the White House in Washington DC while others defaced historic monuments in the capital city.

As Israel continues to diminish Hamas' capabilities, some civilian casualties in Gaza have occurred - NOT as a result of the actions of the IDF, but because of Hamas' deliberate use of Gazans as human shields around military installations. Women and children in particular are made to stay in the vicinity of rocket launching sites in order to maximize civilian deaths for use in propaganda that demonizes Israel in the eyes of the world. As a result, the pressure on Israel to implement a cease-fire has increased - in spite of the fact that the IDF has created safe passage for Gazan civilians. Indeed, the world - and much of the church - already seems to have forgotten the atrocities committed against the elderly, women, children and babies in Israeli homes one Shabbat morning.


We must not forget that vicious terrorists have to be neutralized so they can never again do what they did on October 7th.

We must not forget that Hamas' stated reason for existence is to wipe Jews and the Jewish State off the map as part of the "holy" war they fight in the name of Islam, their prophet, Muhammad, and their god, Allah. 

We must not forget that the Jewish State is on the front line of the battle for western civilization because the enemy Israel fights today intends to wage war on the rest of us tomorrow.

WE MUST DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to support the Jewish State in its existential fight and stand together as Jews and Christians against a manifestation of antisemitism not seen in our lifetimes.


Be informed! 
Don't believe what you hear or read in the mainstream and social media without checking out the facts. Much of what is reported is based on lies, distortions, omission of facts and propaganda promoted by Hamas. For information that will provide the truth and equip you to counter errors, go to, where you will find well-researched up to date articles on virtually every aspect of this war.

Stand up and speak out!
Anti-Zionism and antisemitism are increasing exponentially and will continue to do so as the war with Hamas continues. Be alert to any and every manifestation of antisemitism and biased interpretation of Israel's actions to defend itself and be ready to counter misinformation with the truth.

Christians, find tangible ways to stand with the Jewish people around you!
For the Jewish people, the horrors unleashed against innocent men, women and children on October 7th bring to mind those of the Holocaust. Reach out to the Jewish community wherever you may be and make yourself known as a friend who can be counted on in case of need.

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil.
God will not hold us guiltless.
Not to speak is to speak.
Not to act is to act.

Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Anti-Nazi Activist
Executed 1945




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