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BDS, America and the Jews

Dear Christian Leader,

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote to tell you how Jewish institutions in the state of Massachusetts - and by extension, Jewish people and those who support them - have become a target of violence due to the publication of an interactive map showing the location of almost 500 organizations statewide that, according to the creators of the map, support the "colonization of Palestine."  The map was created by the "Mapping Project," and provides supposed links between Jewish institutions and a variety of others, including police, who are all accused of being white supremacists and colonizers. 

The "Mapping Project" calls its followers to confront "Zionists" through a "network of resistance," and supports "resistance in all its forms." The fact that this is an obvious encouragement of violence towards Jewish institutions is further demonstrated through the website's statement, "These entities exist in the physical world and can be disrupted in the physical world."

The "Mapping Project" is supported by the Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) movement, which has long claimed to be a nonviolent effort to promote Palestinian rights by boycotting, divesting from, and sanctioning Israel. However, the reality is that from its very beginning, this hate-filled, antisemitic movement has sought the destruction of the Jewish State.

For essential and timely information concerning the antisemitic underpinnings of BDS and how this movement denies Jewish nationhood, attacks the Jewish religion, promotes blood libels, targets people for being Jewish, promotes anti-Jewish violence, and is linked to Palestinian terrorists, please see CAMERA's Ricki Hollander's article: The Intrinsic Bigotry of BDS.

To learn more about what the "Mapping Project" tells us about BDS and changes in American society, register for CAMERA's upcoming webinar:

Mapping American Jews: BDS' Latest Antisemitic Campaign
Thursday, July 14th, 7 PM ET

Please join distinguished Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby for an update on BDS's sinister Mapping Project, which collects the names and addresses of Massachusetts Jewish groups, calling on followers to use the addresses to “dismantle” and “disrupt” such institutions as a Jewish high school, a center for Jews with disabilities, Jewish student groups, synagogues, Jewish newspapers, a center for Jewish arts, Jewish-run charities, and even CAMERA itself. Mr. Jacoby will discuss his views and findings with CAMERA Executive Director Andrea Levin and CAMERA Senior Analyst Ricki Hollander, detailing what this map means for the wider American-Jewish community and what actions must be taken. The evening will include a Q&A session that will offer an opportunity for you to converse with the speakers.

Click here to register to reserve your space
Thursday, July 14 at 7 PM EST


None of us needs to be told that American society is changing in ways and at a speed that we could not have imagined just a few years ago! However, what some are not as aware of is the accompanying, related rise in antisemitic violence in many American cities. As Christians, we not only need to be aware of this, but we need to recognize this as a call to action!

We know from history that all it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. In particular, we learn from the tragic events of the Holocaust that there were far too few - Christians in particular - who were willing to do what was right to protect Jewish life in the face of great evil - evil that was propagated through the use of big lies - big lies just like the ones being spread now by the Mapping Project and BDS Movement. Let us learn from the failures of those who have gone before and resolve to do whatever is necessary to stand with, and protect, Jewish people and institutions.

Let us also be strengthened by remembering that America has not always been as it is now. To the contrary, America was founded and led by leaders who, from our earliest days, honored and respected the Jewish people and their historic connection to the land of Israel - long before there was a reestablished State of Israel.

One example among many is John Adams, a founding father, leader in the American Revolution, and second president of the United States. His respect for the Jewish people, his understanding that they laid the foundation for Western civilization, and his support for a future Jewish State are all demonstrated through his prolific writings.

Be encouraged in your support of Israel and the Jewish people by reading the following article about Adams, published by The Israel Bible and Israel 365 on July 8, 2022. Know that we are part of a long line of Americans who have understood the biblical imperative to stand with the Jewish people for many reasons - not the least of which is the significance of our shared Judeo-Christian values.

A Christian Zionist American President and Founding Father

Israel is the United States’ most loyal (and arguably most important) ally in the Middle East. But few Americans realize that this contemporary political connection is rooted in the founding of the United States, well before the modern state of Israel was established.

John Adams is still remembered as one of the founding fathers and a leader in the Revolution. He was the second president of the United States and served two terms. A devout Christian who attended Church, Adams read the Bible daily as he considered it “a lifelong guidebook”.

“I have always endeavored to read it with the same spirit and temper of mind, which I now recommend to you: that is, with the intention and desire that it may contribute to my advancement in wisdom and virtue,” Adams wrote to his son in 1811.

His statesmanship and philosophy were based on his utter respect for the Jews which was explicitly expressed in his personal correspondence. Many “enlightened” Christians such as Adams saw Jews as an ancient people who, by enunciating monotheism, laid the groundwork for Christianity. In a letter he wrote in 1808, Adams described the “Hebrews” as “the most glorious nation that ever inhabited this Earth.”

“The Romans and their Empire were but a Bauble in comparison of the Jews,” Adams wrote, while criticizing the French philosopher Voltaire for his antisemitic writings. “They have given religion to three-quarters of the Globe and have influenced the affairs of Mankind more, and more happily, than any other Nation ancient or modern.”

But the most remarkable aspect of Adams’ Biblical ideas was that he spoke of the creation of a Jewish state – 80 years before Theodore Herzl founded modern Zionism!

When John Adams left the White House in 1801, he maintained correspondence with Mordechai Manuel Noah, the most famous American Jew of his era. Noah was an American sheriff, playwright, diplomat, journalist, and utopian. Born of Portuguese Sephardic ancestry, Noah was the most important Jewish lay leader in New York in the early 19th century and the first Jew born in the United States to reach national prominence.

In 1818, Noah delivered a speech consecrating the new building erected by his own Congregation Shearith Israel, the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue in New York. Noah’s “Discourse,” a copy of which resides in the archives of the American Jewish Historical Society, focused on the universal history of Jewish persecution at the hands of non-democratic governments and their peoples. An early Zionist, Noah believed that only when the Jewish people were reestablished in their own home, with self-governance, could they live free of oppression. Noah sent a copy of his “Discourse” to Adams.

Adams responded encouragingly to Noah, although the former president was evasive regarding Jewish self-governance. Adams expressed to Noah his personal wish that “your Nation may be admitted to all Privileges of Citizens in every Country of the World.” For Adams, Jews had earned their rights by virtue of their historic contributions and by virtue of their citizenship, but he did not respond to the idea of a Jewish homeland.

One year later, Noah returned from one of his frequent trips abroad and sent Adams a copy of his travel memoir titled Travels in England, France, Spain and the Barbary States. Adams responded with a letter praising the memoir but expressed regret that Noah had not extended his travels to “Syria, Judea and Jerusalem” as Adams would have attended “more to [his] remarks than to those of any traveler I have yet read.”

Adams made an astounding statement, expressing his vision of an army of Jews conquering their homeland.

“Farther I could find it in my heart to wish that you had been at the head of a hundred thousand Israelites,” Adams wrote. “And marching with them into Judea and making a conquest of that country and restoring your nation to the dominion of it. For I really wish the Jews again in Judea an independent nation.”

Adams should be known not just as a supporter and defender of Judaism, but one of the first Zionists in the modern era, paving the way for all of the American Defenders of Zion who followed. So many American leaders admirably supported Jews in their desire to return home and establish modern Israel. The outflowing of love and support from the evangelical community towards Israel is truly inspiring.

May the “special relationship” between the US and Israel continue in the years ahead!


Would you, or someone you know, like to work on behalf of Israel
in a full-time capacity?

CAMERA is currently seeking a Christian Media Analyst to help expand the Partnership's work in countering misinformation about Israel broadcast by churches, para-church organizations and news outlets that serve the Christian community throughout the world. This person will monitor, and when appropriate, counter misinformation targeting all Christian communities while focusing on efforts to promote anti-Israel propaganda in the American Evangelical community.

Core Responsibilities:

- Monitor Christian news outlets for misinformation and work with other CAMERA researchers to counter this messaging.

- Monitor, and counter, anti-Israel propaganda and theology promoted by Palestinian Christians in Western church environments.

- Work to promote an accurate understanding of the Arab-Israeli conflict, Israeli and Jewish history and the status of Christians living in Muslim-majority environments among Christians.

- Work with Christians to counter anti-Israel propaganda in their faith communities, with an emphasis on the Evangelical community.

- Submit articles detailing problems associated with Christian anti-Zionism.

- Review and effectively refute anti-Zionists texts targeting Christians.

- Attend conferences as either a speaker or researcher as budget allows.

- Interact with donors and supporters to promote CAMERA’s mission.

- Network with Christians from the Middle East and promote their story to Christians in U.S.

- Provide content for the CAMERA website and for its affiliated website, CAMERA’s Partnership of Christians and Jews.

- Four-year degree in a relevant field – Middle East Studies, politics, theology, or church history.

- Demonstrated interest in Christian/Jewish relations.

- Strong writing and research skills.

- Journalism experience a plus.

- Ability to work productively in a team setting.
Location: CAMERA National Offices in Boston area.

Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience.

Send resume and cover letter to No phone calls, please. Email subject line: Christian Media Analyst
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