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Peace between Israel and the UAE - Hope and Agency over Grievance and Resentment

Tricia Miller, Ph.D. and Dexter Van Zile

Dear Christian Leaders,

We are writing today to share several timely and important resources  from CAMERA's Partnership of Christians and Jews, one of which is  available in print, another on the radio, and a third in the form of our  July webinar titled, "Jesus was a Palestinian and Other Anti-Israel  Myths."

The Partnership in Print

Dexter  published an insightful and challenging article about the US-brokered  peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates - a deal  hailed by leaders and analysts alike as a significant step towards peace  in the Middle East.

In his piece, Dexter points out that the decision on the part of the UAE  to make peace with Israel demonstrates how this Arab nation has chosen  hope and agency for its people, rather than keeping them trapped in the  decades-long, futile grip of grievance and resentment practiced by the  Palestinian Authority. He writes, "Palestinian elites have made their  decision and so have the folks who govern the UAE. The Palestinians have  chosen to stymie the Jews trying to pursue their destiny in the Land of  Israel; the Emiratis have chosen to build a future for themselves."

In the face of such a positive step forward on the part of the UAE, it  is noteworthy - and indeed, troubling - that so-called "peacemakers" in  the "progressive" Christian world are silent. Unfortunately, just as the  Palestinian leadership has something to lose as a result of any peace  agreement with Israel, it appears that "progressive" Christian  "peacemakers" may have something to lose as well.

"Enlightenment or Hunger Games: It's Our Choice," by Dexter Van Zile

So there’s a peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. The  Israelis suspend their efforts to affirm sovereignty over the West Bank  in exchange for diplomatic relations with the UAE. Other countries in  the region may soon follow suit and recognize the Jewish state.

Apparently,  decades of fruitless conflict in the Holy Land convinced Emirati  leaders that it was time to make peace with Israel and continue building  a future for the people they govern. When it comes to building a future  for their people, the Emiratis have a good start.

The UAE has already sent a probe to Mars, constructed the Burj Khalifa, which for now is the tallest building in the world, and even constructed an indoor ski slope in the middle of the desert. They’ve built islands shaped like palm trees. The UAE has a space agency which runs summer camps for high school students.

They’ve made the desert bloom.

Emirati  leaders have decided to pursue a transcendent purpose more meaningful  and hopeful than depriving the Jews of their future as a sovereign  people.

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The Partnership on Radio

In July, Tricia was interviewed by John Loeffler on his nationally syndicated radio talk program, Steel on Steel,  which has aired weekly since 1990. In this 15 minute discussion of  "Jesus the Narrative versus Jesus the Nazarene," Tricia exposed the  errors of the "Jesus was a Palestinian" narrative and discussed  historical and theological truths essential for countering current  Christian antisemitism and its twin, anti-Zionism.

The Partnership Webinar

And  finally, for those of you who missed our July webinar titled, "Jesus was  a Palestinian and Other Anti-Israel Myths," or if you would like to  watch it again, you can find it here.  Please feel free to share this link with others to help us spread the  truth and the work of CAMERA's Partnership of Christians and Jews.

We were encouraged by the fact that over 600 people registered for this  event, and even more so by the quality and quantity of questions raised  during the session. We regret that time did not allow us to answer the  dozens of questions that went unanswered. If your question was one of  those we were not able to address while we were live, or if you have any  other questions about the topic or the work of CAMERA, please feel free  to email Tricia at

For the sake of Israel,
Tricia Miller and Dexter Van Zile

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