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Happy Thanksgiving from CAMERA's Partnership!

Tricia Miller, Ph.D. and Dexter Van Zile

CAMERA's Partnership of Christians and Jews wishes you a blessed and meaningful celebration of Thanksgiving!

Dear Christian Leaders,

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a most difficult and  unprecedented year. But even in the midst of the hardships, there is  good news for Israel, for which everyone who cares about the Jewish  State can give thanks. On September 15, US President Donald Trump and  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were joined by the foreign  ministers of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain at the White House to  sign historic agreements between Israel and the two Arab countries.

The Abraham Accords Declaration, signed by Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain begins with the words: 

"We, the undersigned, recognize the importance of maintaining and  strengthening peace in the Middle East and around the world based on  mutual understanding and coexistence, as well as respect for human  dignity and freedom, including religious freedom."

The Accords between Israel and two Arab nations are indeed an historic  moment in Arab-Israel relations, as they commit the countries involved  to a warm peace that involves full diplomatic relations and  normalization that includes far more intensive cooperation in economic,  scientific, and social fields than the cold peace treaties Israel has  with Egypt and Jordan - neither of which have resulted in the  normalization of relations between the states or the peoples of those  states.

Furthermore, the Abraham Accords may help to facilitate peace between  Israel and the Palestinians by demonstrating that Arab governments and  their citizens benefit by partnering with Israel - in contrast to  seeking the destruction of the Jewish State. Hopefully, the Palestinian  Authority will recognize that it has lost the Arab League's support for  its intransigent anti-Israel position, and will realize that it is in  its best interest to work with Israel, rather than continue to fight  against its existence.

Within weeks of the agreements between Israel, the United Arab Emirates  and Bahrain, the Republic of Sudan also agreed to make peace with the  Jewish State. The decision of all three of these Arab states to make  peace with Israel is the result of efforts on the part of the Trump  administration and the recognition by these Sunni states that doing so  will strengthen their security in the face of increased threats from  Turkey and Iran. 

As US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said at the opening of a trilateral  meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Bahraini Foreign  Minister Abdulatif bin Rashid Al Zayani in Jerusalem, these peace  agreements “tell malign actors like the Islamic Republic of Iran that…  they are ever-more isolated and shall forever be until they change their  direction.” 

This is wonderful news for everyone who loves peace, and cause for much  gratitude this Thanksgiving! May these agreements last far into the  future, and may more Arab nations join the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain  and Sudan in making peace with Israel.

The Hebrew Heritage Bible Underscores the Jewish Roots of Christianity

As many of you know, in late October, CAMERA's Partnership of Christians  and Jews  was privileged to host a webinar featuring Dr. Brad H. Young,  the translator and publisher of the soon-to-be-released Hebrew Heritage Bible.  Dr.  Young's work on this new translation reflects the depth and breadth of  his forty plus years of scholarship in Judaism, early Christianity,  biblical research and translation. 

The Hebrew Heritage Bible is  groundbreaking in the way it underscores the Jewish roots of  Christianity, reconstructs the Hebrew sources of the biblical text, and  uncovers the Jewish mindset and Hebrew thought behind what is written.  In so doing, it clarifies certain texts concerning Israel and the Jewish  people that, as a result of faulty interpretation, have inspired  antisemitism and delegitimization of the Jewish people and the State of  Israel. 

By affirming the Hebrew heritage of the Christian faith and allowing the  modern reader to hear what the first century listeners heard, the  erroneous doctrine of replacement theology is refuted, and the false  notion of a Palestinian Jesus is exposed. As a result, the fight against  anti-Israel Palestinian propaganda has been taken to a whole new level.

If you were not able to join us last month for our fascinating and  informative discussion with Dr. Young, or if you would like to watch it  again and share it with others, a recording is available here.

The Hebrew Heritage Bible is scheduled to be released in December!
If you would like to preorder your own copy, you may order it here.

Have a joyful Thanksgiving!
For the sake of Israel,
Tricia Miller and Dexter Van Zile

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