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CAMERA's Partnership Counters Demonization of Christian Zionists

Tricia Miller, Ph.D. and Dexter Van Zile

Dear Christian Leader,

On Thursday, July 29th, both of the Partnership's analysts participated  in webinars that exposed blatant deception concerning, and calculated  demonization of, Christian Zionists in the recent documentary, "Til Kingdom Come." Dexter Van Zile joined David Parsons of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem in "The Media Assault on Christian Zionism."  Tricia Miller joined Jonathan Feldstein of Genesis 123 Foundation and  Pastor Boyd Bingham IV, who was featured in the documentary, in "Til Kingdom Come Unmasked."  The discussions in the two webinars are quite different, but both  present incisive analysis of the defamatory narrative concerning  Christian Zionists perpetrated by "Til Kingdom Come."

You  don't want to miss watching both of these webinars for more  information! The links for both recordings are available at the end of  this email.

Before you listen to the webinars, we want to provide a bit of  background information about the documentary, which was produced and  directed by Israeli filmaker, Maya Zinshtein. The trailer can be seen here.  The film presents a biased analysis of the motivation behind American  Evangelical financial and political support of Israel, and the  relationship between Evangelicals and Jewish organizations that accept  the support of Christian Zionists.

Through the use of a manufactured quote, other quotes misrepresented and  taken out of context, and omission of relevant information, Zinshtein  creates a deceptive storyline that portrays Jewish and Christian  Zionists as members of an “unholy alliance,” who in recent years,  conspired to convince the former Trump Administration to allow Israel to  annex the entire West Bank. As this article demonstrates, the allegation that President Trump was planning to allow  Israel to annex the West Bank is completely false and based on an  engineered quote, created for the purpose of making it sound like Trump  said something he never said.

You need to watch both webinars for a full explanation of how deceptive and intentional the manufactured quote is!

In addition to the fake quote and other deceitful production techniques,  the documentary's narrative relies on an inaccurate representation of  the alleged motivation behind Evangelical support for the Jewish State.  The disparaging message propagated by "Til Kingdom Come"  is that Christian Zionists are warmongers who only support Israel in  order to hasten the fulfillment of violent End Time events that include  death for the majority of those who live in the Holy Land. Of course,  this allegation ignores the fact that Evangelicals support Israel's  right to exist for theological and historical reasons as old as the  Christian faith itself - certainly NOT out of a self-centered desire to  bring about the End of Days for their own sakes at the expense of  others.

Evangelicals are not the only subjects in the film whose actions and  motives are vilified. The filmmaker’s demonization of Zionists also  includes Israelis who accept financial contributions from Christian  Zionists. Indeed, Jews and Christians who work together in support of  Israel are portrayed as exploiting each other for the sake of what the  movie suggests are mutually exclusive agendas.

A February 28, 2021 review of the documentary summarized Zinshtein’s message well when its author  declared that the cooperation between Christians and Israeli Jews is:

“…an absolutely terrifying unholy alliance between two religious blocs  that are using each other for their own purposes. What’s worse, this is  not some little internecine tug-of-war between God-botherers that has no  impact on the rest of us. Oh no. This has huge geopolitical  implications that we all should be deeply worried about, whether we’re  believers — of any stripe — or not.”

As this quote demonstrates, a sincere working relationship between Jews  and Christians who care about Israel is, according to the anti-Zionist  narrative, a “terrifying unholy alliance” that will somehow bring about a  horrible war. 

The very real result of Zinshtein’s “deep dive into how evangelical  Christians in the United States have teamed up with charities in Israel  even though they are at entirely cross purposes to one another,” is the  demonization of Jews and Christians who work together in support of  Israel and the delegitimization of the important and necessary  Jewish-Christian relations that have developed so beautifully over the  last few decades.

To learn more about the blatant deception and anti-Zionist bias broadcast by "Til Kingdom Come,"   please watch both webinars! The content of both will inform and equip  you to counter the kind of disinformation and demonization perpetrated  by this documentary. Unfortunately, opposition to Jews and Christians  who support Israel is on the rise. This reality demands that we counter  the lies with truth and strengthen our commitment to stand together no  matter what!

The webinar titled "Til Kingdom Come Unmasked," hosted by Genesis 123 Foundation and featuring Pastor Boyd Bingham IV and CAMERA's Tricia Miller, can be seen here.

The webinar titled "The Media Assault on Christian Zionism," hosted by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem and featuring CAMERA's Dexter Van Zile, can be seen here.

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