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A New Bible Translation Underscores the Jewish Roots of Christianity!

Tricia Miller, Ph.D.

Dear Christian Leaders,

In last week's newsletter, we announced that CAMERA will be hosting an in-depth seminar on Thursday, October 22nd at 1:00 PM EST featuring Dr. Brad H. Young, the translator and publisher of the soon-to-be-released Hebrew Heritage Bible Newer Testament (HHB).

Dr. Young (Ph.D., Hebrew University), is Emeritus Professor of Judaic  Christian Studies in Biblical Literature at the Graduate School of  Theology at Oral Roberts University. His work on this new Bible  translation reflects the depth and breadth of his forty plus years of  scholarship in Judaism, early Christianity, biblical research and  translation.

The Hebrew Heritage Bible is  groundbreaking and unique in that it underscores the Jewish roots of  Christianity, affirms the Hebrew heritage of what is most commonly  called "the New Testament," and allows the modern reader to hear what  the first century audience actually heard.

You do not want to miss what will be a fascinating and informative presentation, to be followed by a lively discussion!

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